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Cole Vincent has spent the past four years as a strength and conditioning coach at the Canadian Sport Centre Manitobasupporting current and aspiring Olympic and Paralympic athletes in the keystone province and abroad. His private endeavours have been focused heavily on sprinting, weightlifting and amateur and professional mixed martial artists. He is currently a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a Weightlifting Competition Introduction Coach (NCCP). Vincent has demonstrated a constant pursuit of knowledge as he not only works to complete his Master of Science in Strength and Conditioning from St. Mary’s University (Twickenham – 2021), but also relies on some of the world’s top athletic training facilities to stay on the bleeding edge of sport performance and preparation, including visits to Altis (Phoenix, AZ), UFC Performance Institute (Las Vegas, NV) as well as Canadian Sport Institutes (Ontario, Calgary). This S&C coach from a small prairie province has high expectations, not only for himself but also the athletes he works with and the profession as a whole. Aside from bringing world class physical preparation to Manitoba’s top athletes, Vincent firmly believes in the development of the next generation of Strength & Conditioning professionals, working closely withlocal universities to deliver practical lectures and valuable internships to aspiring kinesiologists and as a committee member of the Canadian Strength and Conditioning Association. Not be lost in the chatter of academics and professional development, Vincent treats the training environment as an extension of and analogy for life itself; we are constantly developing skills that drive our capacity to manage obstacles appropriately and efficiently. Whether they be psychological, physical, social or more likely, a combination of these, the coach-athlete relationship that drives this process is the cornerstone of his coaching philosophy. He believes wholeheartedly that this relationship must be fostered in a safe, supportive, and enjoyable training environment where athletescan truly be themselves. Then, and only then can they give the entirety of who they are in their pursuit of peak human performance. 

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